The Information Centre of Wine Road “Terre di Arezzo” not only aims to promote, inform and spread the vinicultural reality but also the rural, artistic and historical heritage of the whole territory. It has the function to coordinate touristic information for those people who, both Italian and foreign, are interested in deepening the knowledge of the Aretine Wine Road.

Via Ricasoli 38/40 – 52100 Arezzo
Tel. / Fax (+39) 0575 294066
Skype: strada_vino_arezzo
P.I 01665060511
C.F. 92033740512

From Monday to Sunday, 9.30a.m. – 5.30p.m.

The Information Centre is also a point of reference for the members, in fact they are brought up to date on the work carried out by the office, the projects in progress and the opportunities. Furthermore members are involved in the organisation of events, fairs, projects and funds. The office is an important link between the wine tourist and the wineries and nothing is left to chance in order to improve this relation. Members can give their opinions, good suggestions and an efficient help in real time.

The Board of Directors of Wine Road “Terre di Arezzo”:

Cristiano Cini (Presidente)
Andrea Cutini – Provincia di Arezzo (Vice Presidente)
Ettore Ciancico – Viticoltore (Vice Presidente)
Giuseppe Salvini – Camera di Commercio di Arezzo
Boschi PierLuigi– Cantina Sociale Valdarno
Peruzzi Massimo – Cantina Vini Tipici Aretino
Liquori Aldo – Viticoltore
De Ambrogi Fabio – Viticoltore
Stefano Balzanelli – Viticoltore
Gigante Giandomenico – Viticoltore
Lalli Loretta – Agriturismo
Baracchi Riccardo – Strutture Ricettive
Papini Riccardo – Consorzio Vini Valdichiana

Board of Statutory Auditors:

Giorgio del Pace – C.I.A.
Roberto Marchesini – Coldiretti
Gianluca Ghini – Unione Agricoltori

The Staff:

Alessandra Ferrati
Lucia Martinelli
Sorana Brocchi